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The power of words versus the stench of corruption

Society is full of people with no scruples; people who are morally and/or financially corrupt; people who are determined to rip us off at all costs; people with no integrity who will never recognise or acknowledge the truth because their own world is based entirely on lies. In our banner image above, you may recognise the name of one of the worst culprits though we obviously can't give you any clues.

These people usually form themselves into like-minded groups and close ranks to present an almost impregnable barrier to outsiders. Or they may find an innocent scapegoat to blame; some innocent fool who tried to speak the truth.

When we started this website, we wanted to publish information about corrupt and dishonest companies we had encountered personally. We wanted to warn others who might otherwise fall foul of their devious antics. But then we started to observe the antics of our local council and realised that many of these people who work in local authorities are just mini-me effigies of their heroes in higher authority - the central government administrators. Similarly, many of the people we elected to serve our interests locally - the country's councillors - are mostly central government puppets whose ultimate ambitions are to transfer their self-seeking methodology to the Palace of Westminster where they can dip their snouts into the public trough whilst making life unbearable for those they purportedly claim to represent.

Exposing the guilty parties and making them squirm

If good people continue to turn a blind eye to the activities of these parasites, the culprits will continue to prosper. In many cases, the law actually protects them but perhaps that merely confirms that those who introduce and enforce laws have in their midst some of the most dishonest and corrupt members of our society - politicians, ombudsmen and solicitors, to name but a few; a group for whom we have coined a new description - the corruptocracy.

Our aim is to name and shame these people and we welcome your help. Though our current government seems determined to deny our right to freedom of speech it is still our right and we must use it.

On this website, you will read articles from people who are not afraid to fight back. They may be victims of injustice or they may be people who want to express their opinion about issues that really concern them. Some of them are truly heart-rending stories. The injustices some people suffer are absolutely unbelievable yet you couldn't make it up. We help these people to name and shame those who are responsible.

Can you help?

All websites have a financial cost to bear and this site is no different. If you feel you can do something to help please visit this page for further information.

Visitors' Comments

Terri Harris, Hertfordshire writes:

I totally agree it is good to have sites such as these.

Hannah Rose writes:

In the current climate we need more and more people to come forward to try and restore/promote democracy.

Richard Ford of Gravesend writes:

You have my support 100%

Anton Da Brenha of London writes:

I am glad to have found that other people are as dissatisfied with the state of this country. The dishonesty and corruption in politics and industry must be stopped.

Simon Roberts of Wrexham writes:

I think it is essential to have these types of websites in order to help people who have suffered an injustice or lack of answers.

K. Partridge of Bedford writes:

I just stumbled on to your site and I find it both refreshing and possibly a bit futile. This is not to insult your efforts but more a comment about lack of action.

I myself have been put out of business by a corrupt councillor and a corrupt system and, as you state, all of the systems put in place to protect me failed because they too are corrupt.

My point is, to name and shame serves little purpose other than a momentary hint of pleasure as you get to say your piece. But these people and institutions still go on regardless.

I could not fight my case in court because the system is set up that the cost would be prohibitive for some one like myself. This means that these people can get away with this type of corruption all the time as they are seldom challenged.

Perhaps (and this is my point) you could start some type of fund that enables people to fight injustice, you could take a small percentage of any compensation won. You could provide legal assistance to those who do not know where to turn. This would be very productive and would put pressure where it deserves to be. A court battle has far more impact than to Name or Shame, although I congratulate you on your willingness to speak up. This site could do so much for the ordinary man with a bit more thought.

Please accept this comment as positive encouragement, some one needs to stand up against this corruption and I am sure you will find people like myself who would pay to have our case heard. I know this would not be easy but nothing is easy in this life as I am sure you are aware. Good luck with the site.

Editorial Comment:

You make some good points and, yes, it is very frustrating being unable to resolve matters for all the people who write to me. I generally don't have any answers for them, or the many others whose complaints I cannot publish.

I have tried to involve the press in some really serious cases but a few of the reporters I have spoken to have proved to be pretty useless and others have been stopped from proceeding because their employers are not prepared to risk having to defend a legal action.

The idea of a working fund is admirable but I couldn't handle it. I'm 69 years old and I have a heart condition and emphysema. I don't do this to make money - I just hope that one day, we either get a government of the people who have the guts to do something about the problems ... or someone starts a revolution. But, in truth, I don't think either will happen. Corruption, unfortunately, rules - from the top down.

Des Collett of Manchester writes:

Terrific! I was thinking of creating a site to expose bad web/retailers and commercial suppliers when I stumbled on your site. Great stuff.

Above comment happy you have published: I was thinking of creating a blue print of 'basic' information and 'evidence' to support accusations and vet them from there before publishing. There are some big names with terrible customer service and low levels of back up and I know so many people who walk away from issues because either they feel they con do nothing or they haven't the means to pursue delinquent suppliers.

Editorial Comment:

That's exactly why the bad companies get away with it. Too few people have the courage or the resources to take them to task.

But, worse, too many companies no longer believe the maxim that "the customer is always right". They are driven only by greed and self gain and don't really give a toss about the customer!

Amanda Eyre of Camberley writes:

I am still in a position to comment freely on my situation, though I have been careful to remove all the names from my published material to prevent libel charges.

I have attempted to help many other people in a similar situation to my own, and I concur wholeheartedly with the editor's comments. I have firm evidence that the current government do not care about the issues we are talking about. My sad conclusion is that I might be better to emigrate and abandon my own country in hope of finding a more welcoming nation.

As a trauma survivor myself I have devoted my life to fighting causes. I make no secret that this is a coping strategy. Not everyone that is abused becomes an abuser. When a child has fight or flight taken away as a choice, the mind is capable of some pretty amazing things. I believe my traumatic experiences have given me, in a sense, superior coping mechanisms to many of my peers. I have an ability to see the interconnected nature of our problems, while many who have led more sheltered lives are often too blinded by their own emotions in a crisis, to see the bigger picture.

I support the concept of this name and shame website, and when I have sufficient hard evidence to insure myself against prosecution, I will have a dozen or so names to add to your database for the Surrey contingent to look out for.

As a reaction to my tenacity, soft southern Surrey professionals, went so far as to recruit a locum senior court officer from Liverpool specifically to deal with my awkward self (I think)! She was being accommodated in a hotel while I was begging for assistance with a housing benefit application, which had been complicated by their demands that I give up my nursing job voluntarily.

Many aspects of our story are published on my blog, and if there are any brave journalists reading this site, please give me a call!

To families everywhere - that which doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger. Why don't these idiotic politicians understand basic psychology yet? Oh well, makes them far easier to dismiss with rational argument I find. If you can get one to actually take any notice that is!

Keep fighting the fair fight. #BigSister is depending on you.

My website is

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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