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Who are we? What do we do?

When I started this website in 2006, I wanted to publish information about corrupt and dishonest companies I had encountered personally: I wanted to warn others who might otherwise fall foul of their devious antics. But then I started to observe the antics of my local council - the London Borough of Bexley - and I felt they should be exposed. Since then, the feedback I get from visitors shows that there are many other local authorities just like Bexley, and a great many more that are even worse. As a result, this site now covers the experiences of my contributors. Directly or indirectly, every single one of them is a member of the Name and Shame 'team' and without them it would merely be a boring story about my personal battles with bureaucracy.

But the credit for this page should go to one of Bexley's councillors who made the most astonishing and totally unfounded allegations about the content I published in respect of my dealings with Bexley Council, all of which I could back up with documented evidence. But true facts and documented evidence do not figure in the thoughts of people like Councillor Peter Craske. They think that having a title like "Councillor" makes them extremely important and gives them the right to consider themselves better than the rest of us. That's exactly the sort of mental attitude that turns such idiots into the dangerous animals they really are.

However, one of Craske's criticisms was that I named some of the fraudsters who are employed by Bexley Council and published correspondence from them without ever revealing my own identity. That's a nonsense of course because it's not too difficult to trace a website's owner. The information is in the public domain and is easily accessed. But trying to expose corrupt practises does have its dangers and I know for a fact that one of my correspondents had his life threatened by a senior legal official in a large northern city, with the initial instructions coming from a member of parliament who once held very high office in the New Labour government. That's how dangerous these people are!

You certainly make enemies of some really nasty people when you attempt to expose their activities so I don't propose to make it too easy for them to arrange for me to have an 'accident'.

Before I retired, I spent much of my working life as an author - technical and fiction. But I am now a pensioner and, like most pensioners, I wonder how I ever found time to work. This website keeps me fully occupied and I struggle to keep abreast of the feedback I receive.

On my 72nd birthday in February (2014) I had thoughts about packing it all in because my health is not as good as it might be and I was beginning to think that nothing I did actually made any difference. But corruption continues to prosper and the guilty are rarely (if ever) punished. We live in a changing world where things are getting worse rather than better. So I will keep going because I despise the people who are trying to make our once-proud nation a satellite of Europe and constantly turn innocent people into criminals while, at the same time, treating real criminals like special cases. It is important that the voice of the people should be heard. Naturally, the idiots who run the country would prefer we kept quiet but we must let them know we're not going to be downtrodden.

I recently wrote to everyone on my mailing list and all those who replied asked me to keep going. As a result, this website will be updated with more topical information. To make a start I have moved outdated articles into the archives and will now work on some new material.

My thanks go to everyone who supports our aims and I hope you will keep in touch.

Returning to the point about anonymity, I plan to retain the alias of "Vigilant Observer" for the time being although my true identity is partly revealed to the correspondents who write to me about their personal experiences and thus become members of the Name and Shame team.

How the site is funded

Many hours go into producing and maintaining a website like this and the cost is largely borne by me. I do get a small amount of revenue from the Google AdWords panel you will see in the right-hand column and at the bottom of each page and you can help by clicking any of the links. Unfortunately, we have no control over the content of each advert so you may see some from the type of people we try to expose, e.g. private parking control contractors, etc. Please feel free to click their links as many times as you like. They pay for each click and Name and Shame receives a small commission to continue the battle against corruption and dishonesty.

Readers can also contribute by making a donation via PayPal. If you submit a contact form or a comment you will be taken to an acknowledgement page where you can make a payment to our funds. The amount you donate is entirely up to you and every penny is sincerely appreciated.

I can also tell you that I wrote a book about crime and government conspiracy many years ago and this is still available as an ebook. If you have an electronic reader that handles the epub format (Sony, Kobo, etc.) you can buy a copy of 'The Retribution Conspiracy' online at GoldStar Books. If you have a Kindle the book is available on Amazon. The cost is 1.95 but be warned: my book is not politically-correct and is not meant to be. It is a hard-hitting book highlighting the state of affairs in the nineties which are just as pertinent now, perhaps even worse. If you are offended by violent crime, sex or bad language please do not buy it. But if you enjoy a good read every purchase helps.


Mike C

Visitors' Comments

Wilham, Sidcup writes:

There are a growing number of people who feel the same as you about Cllr Craske. He must be damaging the conservative party in Bexley.

Editorial Comment:

Apparently not - he was re-elected to serve as a Conservative Bexley councillor in the elections of May 2014 despite the fact that he was arrested in June 2012 in connection with a lewd and malicious blog aimed at a critic of the council. I have seen the content of that  disgustingly obscene blog and it was full of blatantly false allegations against two members of the public. The source of the blog was eventually traced to IP addresses used by the council's arch-liar, Peter Craske - his own home and a company called Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd, the company with which councillor Craske had placed four million pounds worth of business!

After Craske's arrest, it appears that a number of employees from Bexley Council and the Metropolitan Police went to great lengths attempting to pervert the course of justice and this led to formal accusations of misconduct in public office against two borough commanders and eight other police officers. Investigations are still ongoing and the Crown Prosecution Service, the IPCC and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner are all involved.

If there is any justice, Craske will eventually be thrown into jail, which he richly deserves, but meanwhile the good people of Lamorbey and Blackfen have him as their Conservative representative. Perhaps those who voted for him are unaware of Craske's misdeeds in which case they should read up on the case. Believe me, you couldn't make this up!

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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